Beyond the classroom experiences.

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts” – Aristotle

Guided by some of the best young minds Singapore has to offer, our highly-driven team helps youth prepare for the complex challenges of our globalised world. Our cross-domain expertise allows for a broad-range of programs that takes students beyond the classroom in pursuit of their dreams.







Are you confident of articulating and justifying your opinions?







Drama & Creative Thinking

Want to develop your acting, social networking and creative thinking skills?   



Global Citizenship

Do you know how you can become part of the world’s community and help build the world’s values and practices through your actions?


Interview Skills

Are you certain that you’re leaving a lasting impression in your interview?



Leadership & Service Learning

How can you go about developing effective leadership skills and apply your knowledge to serve genuine community needs?




Always had an interest in ASEAN but never knew where or how you can get involved?


Public Speaking

Do you want to build your confidence on stage?


Model United Nations

Want to take part in an academic simulation of the actual United Nations?


STEM & Innovation

Are you looking to increase science literacy through technology and foster inventive skills?


World Scholar’s Cup

Want to learn new ideas, discover new strengths and practice new skills?

Not sure what’s right for you?

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