Phuong-Anh Le Nguyen, Vice Captain
Team Vietnam Debating Team 2018, President, D-Doxa 2017 – 2018 , The Olympia Schools
Debating has been one of the most impactful experiences for me. Stage fright has always been a fear I could never overcome. I often stammered every few words and could barely speak in front of a few people, let alone an entire crowd. Debate provided me with the opportunity to develop a more acute awareness of the world, learn to think critically and look at different sides of a problem. This eventually gave me the knowledge and confidence to overcome this fear of mine. I was very fortunate to have Coach Walter and Coach Samuel, who were patient and dedicated to my improvement. Whether it was giving us extra training or additional feedback, they always believed in me and did their best to realize my potential as a debater. After a year, I become the youngest Vice-Captain of Team Vietnam Debate. While this role was stressful, it was also meaningful and a learning opportunity like no other. I learnt to step up, how not to be afraid, to voice my opinions and to never give up. I am immensely grateful for the experience and for the coaches who have always been there for me every step of the way.