Nguyen Thao Nguyen
University of British Columbia

Interning at TGC was full of surprises and fun, as I could never expect what I would be tasked with next. Their start-up environment was also incredibly active and engaging, as my ideas were heard and encouraged. I was challenged on a daily basis, with a wide range of albeit challenging assignments. From contributing to their social media efforts, to undertaking independent market researching, learning about customer service, or assisting in translation or event logistics, it was a great learning opportunity. Not to mention, I got to the chance to design their office in Vietnam. I absolutely enjoyed how I was trusted by my superiors and had freedom to carry out my tasks.

 It was also amazing whenever I got the chance to share with people the life-changing work we did at TGC, teaching concepts such as debate, global citizenship and creative problem solving. All of which I believe bring about crucial and beneficial skill sets, that are relatively new to Vietnam and to its knowledge-hungry students.