Kiew Chui Thing
University College London
Having no prior internship experience, I was unsure what to expect. As it turned out, my TGC internship experience was an enriching and fulfilling one. Interning at TGC was very empowering because unlike many of my peers who interned at larger multi-national corporations, they were tasked with more labor-intensive, errand oriented tasks. Instead, I was constantly given tasks that not only challenged me, but that also mattered! From attending business meetings, to assisting in the drafting of company policies, I got to witness firsthand how a social enterprise operates from behind the scenes. Furthermore, the work environment at TGC was nothing short of incredible. In the span of 6 weeks, I bonded well with my supervisors and many of the other interns. My colleagues were some of the most patient and encouraging people I have met, who were always there to guide me, and ensure that I continuously learned from the experience. I felt valued as an intern and my contributions were always appreciated. As cliché as it sounds, my time at TGC has indeed been life-changing. I believe the skills and knowledge I acquired from this internship will continue to benefit me in my future endeavors. The internship was definitively the highlight of my summer!