Harvard Innovation Challenge Southeast Asia II

Co-organised by the Harvard Global Education Movement (HGEM) and The Global Citizen Education group, the HGEM Innovation Challenge (HIC) Southeast Asia II will focus on two tracks, Youth Empowerment and Sustainability & Climate Action, to guide delegates through the different aspects of international development and to help them understand their role as citizens of the world.

Delegates will choose to join one of these tracks and then engage in track-specific discussions and seminar sessions featuring influential leaders from academia, business, and government. Throughout the virtual event, delegates will also have the opportunity to form meaningful relationships with other conference attendees from all over Southeast Asia.

After various workshops, delegates will work in small teams on an impactful “Solution Proposal” designed to tackle real-world problems and stimulate ideas for future collaborative projects. 

These proposals are comprehensive in nature and incorporate various media forms, policies, and entrepreneurial ideas. Students will be challenged in open debate sessions about their ideas, before presenting a final round proposal at the end of the conference. Finally, delegates will have a chance to meet in more informal settings during social events and panels.


Event Details

Date:  15th – 17th Jan 2021

Time:  11am – 6pm

Location:  Online, The Global Citizen Academy 

Suitable for:  High school and University students interested in social entrepreneurship

Prerequisites:  NIL

Pricing:  USD 40 (early bird), USD 50 (general) 

Registration:  https://www.hgem.org/application

Contact Details:  hicsea@theglobalcitizen.sg  

Website:  https://www.hgem.org




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