History is full of famous partnerships – two individuals who have achieved more together than they possibly could alone.  We met by chance at Yale University for a reason. Together we know we can make a difference. Known as the “Yeo Brothers” our partnership is built on the magical combination of same, same but different. Our strengths complement each other, and we balance out each others weaknesses. Combined, our superpowers transform unthinkable ideas into a reality! Our commitment is driven by our motto, “when two business partners agree, one of us is no longer necessary.” We strive to engage in healthy debate so we can continuously improve our service offering. The glue that holds us together is our shared fundamental values. We laugh, a lot! And, we share a passion and belief that “great success, adventure and lifestyle go hand-in-hand”

Jared Yeo

Jared Yeo

Head of Curriculum Design and Director for Global Citizenship

Serial Globetrotter. Community Leader. Devoted Teacher  

Former relief teacher and private tutor Jared turned his passions into a career. As Head of Curriculum Design, he is at the heart of The Global Citizen team. While travelling the globe Jared has interned with the United Nations Association of Georgia, led countless community involvement camps and pursued an exchange program with Columbia University. After graduating Pioneer Junior College with top-grades, Jared is now a senior at Yale-NUS College pursuing a major in Global Affairs and a minor in Environmental Studies. His academic interests lie in human security and social justice issues with specialized knowledge in East Asia. The Clinton Foundation at Berkeley University has also featured Jared’s human rights research on the Rohingya refugees in Malaysia. Critical to Jared’s success as Head of Curriculum is his first-hand experience. Leveraging his strong academic knowledge, passion for experiential learning and his well-rounded global perspective he is on a mission to help students overcome the complex challenges of our globalised world.

Walter Yeo

Walter Yeo

Head of Business Development, Finance and Human Resource, and Director for Debate

Strategic Mastermind. Passionate Entrepreneur. Avid Debater

Drawing on years of experience as a student entrepreneur, Walter serves as Business Development Director overseeing critical business functions at The Global  Citizen. With a long-list of achievements it’s hard to imagine Walter is only 24. His entrepreneurial spirit exemplifies his ‘Go Big or Go Home’ philosophy which has seen him serve as:

  • Head of Publicity and Fundraising with the Military Justice Project
  • REACH Youth Ambassador
  • President of Migrant Workers Awareness Week in 2017
  • Key member of Youth Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative
  • Singapore Representative at the Youth Unite Against Drugs conference, organized by US Department of State
  • Board of Director of MUN inc and Impressionist
  • Youth advisor for the Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Youngest member elected to the Executive Committee of Debate Association (Singapore)
  • Former Treasurer and Director for Adjudication Management at Singapore Debate Association
  • TEDx Youth presenter (link)
  • Resident Coach of one of Singapore’s top debating schools
  • Energetic Participator, Adjudicator, and Trainer at world-wide debate tournaments

Walter’s academic interests are in criminal law, military law and global security and he is currently pursuing a double-degree in Law and Liberal Arts with a minor in Global Affairs at Asia’s Global Law School – the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Yale-NUS College

Walter is passionate about working with students. He hopes to impart his knowledge to help shape perspectives on pertinent global issues, and train students to confidently present their ideas in front of an audience.

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