Leadership & Service Learning

Leadership development is critical in the education of youths across the world and is an important part of a young person’s development. Service learning is an approach in which academic knowledge and skills are applied to community service to address

genuine community needs. This provides a pragmatic, progressive learning experience while effecting positive change in the

Our leadership and service learning program trains students to think critically about leadership, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in leadership, and challenges them to think about steps they can take in their schools and communities to demonstrate leadership.

What is Leadership & Service Learning all about?
Leadership is the ability of a person is able to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute towards the success of a project or an organization. But more than that, we believe that a leader is global citizen who has the ability to bring people together to address pressing local and global issues, to bring a positive impact to their communities and the world. In an ever-evolving world, it is of utmost importance to be leaders who can lead and adapt in changing circumstances. We will!

What students will gain?
Through both theoretical and interactive pedagogical approaches, our programs introduce students to the fundamentals of leadership and community leadership. The interactive workshops and both indoor and outdoor team activities would help students develop effective leadership skills such as team building, strategic thinking and problem solving. Our programs will also expose students to activities that would train them in adapting to volatility and ambiguity that would help stretch their leadership potential. Furthermore, students will gain insight into community and environmental needs, engage in activities and outings that address those needs together with structured opportunities for reflection to develop their civic mindedness and empathy.

Why learn from us?

Our programs are innovatively designed to equip students with core global consciousness and competencies through a holistic and experiential learning approach. With our vision of developing global citizens who think critically, write creatively, speak confidently and work collaboratively, our camps provide an educational experience like no other. 

Through our interactive seminars and workshops, students would learn about the world around them and how to approach these issues through various angles. Tapping on the best that Singapore has to offer, our programs also offer students unique learning journey opportunities. We believe that our programs would provide students with unparalleled educational experience – one that is fun, enriching and empowering.



Youths today, are the future leaders of the world. Therefore, it is crucial that they are imparted with skills that will hone their leadership abilities. Utilising both theoretical and interactive pedagogical approaches, the programme strives to maximise the leadership potential of students. Fundamental characteristics of leadership will be reinforced through theoretical seminars. Interactive workshops will provide an avenue for participants to develop effective leadership skills like team building, decision making, strategic thinking and problem solving. Outdoor activities especially, serve to push participants to adapt to unfamiliar environments, to strive and excel as leaders nonetheless. The Leadership Programme serves to mould youths into being a leader in their school and community, and inspire them to use their role to enact change for the betterment of society.  Such an approach has seen our participants leave with a better understanding of the meaning of leadership and how they can apply these lessons to their lives.  

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to develop effective solutions;
  • Develop leadership skills, resourcefulness, and creativity through daily challenges;
  • Understand the nature and challenges involved in leadership;
  • Introduce students to key global issues, the Sustainable Development Goals and the applications of these ideas;
  • Cultivate a spirit of public-mindedness and civic responsibility.
Service Learning

A hands-on approach to meeting the needs of the community, Service Learning provides an opportunity for students to enact tangible change in the lives of those they assist. In this programme, students will delve in to the pressing needs of the community and the environment. They will then engage in activities or outings that serve to address these needs. In serving the community, the civic mindedness and empathy of students are strengthened. The collaboration between students as they engage in these activities, fosters a sense of unity and commitment in working together to make society a better place for all. They are also able to work together to come up with innovative solutions to cater to the various groups of people in society. The programme aims to create youths who aspire to be long-term actors of change, individuals who wish to understand the diverse needs of different groups of people in both their own society and the world, and are motivated to meet these needs. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Introduce students to key global issues, the Sustainable Development Goals and the applications of these to various countries around the world;
  • Cultivate a spirit of public-mindedness, emphasizing the importance of civic responsibility and engagement with local and global communities;
  • Understand the complexities underlying various global issues and identifying the opportunities and challenges to addressing these problems;
  • Encourage students to be active members in their communities by developing their own service project ideas and performing community service work;
  • Develop students to be critical thinkers who speak confidently and think globally.